Ale Fabbri, 2012.

Presenting myself

I am a free lance performer, dancer, improviser, choreograper, actress and videomaker.

I was born in Ferrara, Italy.

I trained as a dancer at Centro Studi Danza in Florence, Italy (1989-92), at the Folkwang University in Essen, Germany (1992-94) and at the Professional Course of the company Fabula Saltica in Rovigo (1997). After several professional experiences and many workshops I went on to study choreography at the Palucca University in Dresden (Germany), following a two years post-graduate program (2006-2008) and receiving a degree in 2008.

I studied Philosophy at the University of Bologna (Italy).

As a performing artist, I worked, among others, with Wim Vandekeybus (“The day of Heaven and Hell”, 1998 – “The last words” 1999), Romeo Castellucci (“Giulio Cesare”, 1999 – 2000), Davide Iodice (“La fabbrica dei sogni” 2010 – “Un giorno tutto questo sarà tuo” 2012), Giacomo Sacenti (“Sayonara”, 2000 – “Nervi & Gazpacho”, 2003 – “Fuoridallaporta”, 2006) , Mario Martone (Laboratory and show about Molière’s Dom Juan, “Don Giovanni” by Mozart/Da Ponte 2002 and 2006), Felix Ruckert (“Ring”, 2003), Nicoletta Cabassi (“La Metamorfosi” 1997), Orazio Messina (“Le Villi” 1991), Olimpia Scardi (“Cabotina”, 1993).

2012 theatre director Davide Iodice created for me the solo performance “Mangiare e bere. Letame e morte.” (Eating and drinking. Dung and death.) which had its Prèmiere at Castrovillari’s theatre festival in may and will be again shown again at Benevento’s theatre festival in September.

At the moment I am going to start a new collaboration with choreographer Nicola Galli in Ferrara and I am  working at the same time at my own long term projects.

My own research is based on the body as a medium and on the interaction between the performing body and other external elements – sound, image, text.

In this period I am focusing on my own body as an organism which is always  becoming  (in fieri), therefore I am very interested in living organisms as source of inspiration (animals and plants).

I am interested in new media and I realised some videos (art and dance videos) as well as videoeditings for other artists’ projects.

Themes of my explorations can be various as well as the methodological approach. Curiosity is my own attitude in relationship to the building of a creative process. My works have been presented in festivals, museums, theatres and other public spaces in Italy and Germany.

More about my curriculum in the ABOUT page.

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